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Principles of Pilates classes —Precision

In past weeks, we’ve gone over a few of the fundamental principles of Pilates, including breath and control. This week, we’re going over precision, so that you can apply this knowledge when your practice in Pilates classes and at-home.

Ideally, Pilates movements are executed with precision and attention to every detail. Whether you practice at a Pilates studio, in a gym or in your home, every movement should be purposeful and clean. This enables you to sustain awareness through the duration of each movement, making you more present with your body.

Pilates is detail rich—precision has to do with the appropriate placement of the body parts you are working, as well as their alignment with the rest of your body. One of the benefits of taking Pilates classes or private sessions is that you have an instructor there to correct your form and ensure that you are connecting with your muscles properly.

In its ideal form, there are muscle groups that will be perfectly still during certain exercises certain movements are executed with clarity and exactness—as you perfect this, the precision of your practice will grow and the benefits you reap will increase.

Ultimately, the more you work out at a Pilates studio, the more precise your practice will be. The stronger your technique and execution of the six principles of Pilates, the more dramatic your results. Study the principle and integrated it into your practice!

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