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Pilates November Newsletter

In This Newsletter:

For a 5th Thanksgiving season, CoeDynamics will be accepting donations ($5 or more) to contribute to Thanksgiving Food Boxes filled with fresh organic produce and pasture-raised turkeys from Whole Foods. CoeDynamics will be delivering these to families affiliated with Aviva Family and Children Services. Aviva currently supports over 6,500 at-risk families and youth in the LA area. Your generous donations ($5 or more) will be recognized with a FREE Pilates/TRX Class* at CoeDynamics. Donations will be collected from November 1 through November 25, 2015.

*Clients with class memberships will receive a $10 credit towards their account in lieu of a free class.

Pilates Tip: How to Build Core Strength in Everyday Life"When I was a kid, I suffered an injury that left me with two compressed disks in my lower spine, resulting in a lifetime of back pain and hundreds of hours spent in chiropractic and physical therapy offices. This past year I worked with Pilates teacher and nutrition consultant, Tracy Coe of CoeDynamics, who showed me how to relieve the pain by engaging my core, strengthening the surrounding spinal muscles and using my proper posture."

Recently I sat down with Positive Portions & Fitness Journal author, health blogger, and CoeDynamics client Shannon Hammer to talk about how the principles of Pilates helped ease her back pain and gain overall strength. Click here to learn the Pilates tips that can improve your posture in front of a computer, how to get stronger without ever setting foot in a gym, and why exercise techniques without proper form and muscle recruitment can be more harmful than helpful.

How would you like to have some simplified ways you can increase the nutritional value of the food you eat? Sign-up for a free Wellness blog written by Tracy, certified QRA Wellness Practitioner. Throughout the series you'll learn tips to purchasing foods with a higher nutritional value as well as receive tasty recipes designed to maintain the nutritional value of your food and provide energy for your day.

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