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Pilates March Newsletter

In This Newsletter:

Check out Tracy Coe's interview with The South Bay Show: Manhattan Beach 360 on Blog Talk Radio. This show is co-hosted by Jackie of and talked to Tracy Coe about the 13 years CoeDynamics has been serving the SouthBay community with Fitness and Nutrition offering Pilates, TRX, and Wellness Coaching services.

Through the entire month of March you and each new client you refer will RECEIVE A FREE PRIVATE* and are eligible to purchase a month of unlimited classes for a discounted price of $99.

*The free private is for 30 minutes. The $99 special must be purchased by the end of the free private. If the referred client purchases additional privates then the referring client will receive a 2nd private of 55 minutes!

CoeDynamics next FREE blog series will take a look at hormones in connection with the function of the endocrine system of both women and men. How the use of any natural, synthetic, or bio-identical hormones could have a long term damaging effect on your body and health. Then tips of how you can direct your own body to innately balance its hormones and detoxify from the previous use of medications, HRT, "natural" hormones or bio-identical hormones.

To sign up for your free monthly CoeDynamics Wellness Blog, click here.

We LOVE our clients and we hope it shows! We, and the Southbay, would love to read what you love about CoeDynamics.

There are 3 different options you can use to send out your review:

  1. Google+ In your web browser search for CoeDynamics. When our map pops (right hand side), select the button “write a review”

  2. CoeDynamics Yelp

  3. Facebook

  4. Log into your Facebook account

  5. Search for CoeDynamics or click here

  6. Scroll down our page on left column below "About" you'll see "Reviews" with your profile picture next to empty stars. Fill up the stars to your rating preference and maybe add a quick comment to follow-up your rating.

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