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Pilates August Newsletter

In This Newsletter:

Each month, CoeDynamics will be drawing a winner for a Free private session. At your next CoeDynamics visit have your phone ready to take your best Pilates selfie. We'll then help you upload it using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Pintrest and you'll be automatically entered to win a FREE private!! Look for this promotion the next time you're in the studio!

In conjunction with Love INC, CoeDynamics is collecting back-to-school backpacks filled with supplies to contribute to children in the community. To receive your FREE Pilates class* you can either bring a backpack filled with the items listed here to CoeDynamics or contribute online at and bring your receipt to CoeDynamics for confirmation.

*All donations must be made by 9/5/15 and all Free classes must be taken within 1 month of your donation date. Gold Star Members will receive a $20 credit towards their next month's Gold Membership purchase in lieu of the free class.

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