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November 2011 Newsletter

In This Month’s Newsletter

  1. Living Out Pilates – Exercise of the Month

  2. BMCD Special

  3. For Your Health

  4. In The Community

EXERCISE OF THE MONTH – “Criss-Cross” (5 of 5 in the Pilates Ab Series) 

Do you know where your Oblique External and Internal are located? If not, I can guarantee you that after performing the Pilates Criss-Cross exercise correctly you will definitely be introduced to them and not forget! The Pilates Criss-Cross while toning your entire core also brings in the elements of coordination and spinal rotation which so under appreciated in today’s society.  Try it yourself and tell us what you think.

Two ways to learn how to practice this Pilates exercise on your own:

1. Watch our video to learn how and ensure you use proper technique.

2. DOWNLOAD & PRINT the exercise instructions.

You are invited to learn How To Be Well and Stay Well in today’s world.

53% of Americans are CHRONICALLY ILL! 1 in 2 people WILL get cancer today. We MUST be Proactive about our health Come learn WHAT WORKS!

A powerful program providing practical daily health tips that you will be able to walk away with and use right away

Program Topic:  Understanding the Mind/Body/Spirit Relationship to Health.

Learn tools for Transforming Long Held Patterns of Beliefs, Modes of Thinking & Behavior that keep you stuck and unable to move forward. Dis-identifying with illness and recreating self as a well person.

       When:  Sunday November 6, 2011        Time:    930 a.m. – 500 pm        Location: Santa Monica (near Lincoln and Rose)

Presenter: Mary Kay Finn, Founder of Thrive Nutrition & Wellness

Past Radio Show Downloads:

November 4th, 5th and 6th, 2011 annual International Pilates Method Alliance Conference will be held right in Southern California’s back yard, Palm Desert, CA and is open to the public to attend.  So whether you are a long time student of Pilates, taking Pilates for rehabilitative purposes or just a Pilates guru don’t miss this opportunity to hear and participate in a variety of wonderful workshops presented by some of the elitists of the Pilates Industry.  To learn more go to this link

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