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Just breathe—the essence of Pilates classes

Deep breathing is a fundamental part of one’s Pilates practice—and one of the main principles of Pilates. By breathing correctly, you can increase the effectiveness and improve your performance of any type of physical activity. It establishes proper execution of your movements in Pilates classes, as well as everyday activities, from walking and climbing stairs to sports, working out and any other fitness activities.

Deep breathing is also integral to alleviating stress. Inhaling fresh, invigorating oxygen triggers hormones of relaxation and can help during times of fight and flight, as well as with pain. Many clients from our Pilates studio who have gone through child birthing used their deep breathing skills to assist with and ease the delivery process.

Joseph Pilates advocated taking very full breaths because it is the basis of movement. When we breathe effectively, oxygen flows into our bloodstream and through our muscles, while awakening the senses. The more oxygen we get in our muscles, the more relaxed they become.  The deeper and more effectively we breathe, the more we can release any tense muscles.  Good breathing improves circulation and increases body awareness, which leads to the better control and improved posture that typically results from a Pilates practice.

As you may have noticed in your Pilates classes or private sessions, most Pilates exercises are actually done in coordination with your breath. This benefits our ability to focus and concentrate. Exhaling deeply also encourages the activation of the deep abdominal muscles, which is an essential part of all Pilates exercises.

Now you can understand why the instructors at our Pilates studio place such importance on breathing!

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