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Coconut Oil – A Superfood

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Did you know, raw Coconut Oil (undamaged by light heat or toxins), has been proven to accelerate weight loss, especially around the mid-section?

Some other reasons why Coconut Oil is quite the Superfood!  * Natural fat-burner: (specifically midsection) increases metabolism up to 25% * Stabilizes Blood Sugar: controls conversion time of foods into sugar * A Brain Booster: rich source of medium chain fatty acids for brain cognitive * Bone Health: reduces oxidative stress in bone, prevents structural damage in osteoporotic bone * Non-toxic Sunscreen: (when mixed with Zeolite) it blocks out 30% UV rays * An Immune booster also a cause of medium chain fatty acids * Testosterone booster: reduces oxidative stress, resulting in higher levels of testosterone * Improves Blood Lipids: consistently shown to improve LDL:HDL balance * Wound/Burn Healer: accelerates re-epitheliazation, & speeds burn recovery * Anti-Fungal: excellent for treating Candida species * Food for:  healthy skin, thyroid, pancreas, liver, heart, brain

How to use it? (the ways are endless) *  Smoothies, grains, salads add 1 tbsp daily *  Infant/Children foods add 2 tsp daily *  Baking/Cooking oil: (side note) never use vegetable oil to cook, it turns to free radicals, damaging your cells *  Shaving oil or body scrub, mix 1/3 cup to 1/3 cup of mineral salts and 4 drops of lavender oil *  Non-toxic Sunscreen: (with Zeolite) mix 1/3 cup to 2 Tbs zeolite *  Skin moisturizer, apply direct to skin *  Deep hair conditioner: apply to ends of the hair before bed time, shampoo in the morning

What kind? and Where to get some? – Premier Research Labs Coconut Oil is from Kerala India is 100% raw & unrefined. – You may purchase Coconut Oil at or call 310.798.7600

Buyer Be Informed…  Not all coconut oil is of the same quality.  A majority of the coconut oil sold on the market lack its super nutrients. Why? * Many brands are made from copra which is coconut that has been left out to dry open to air pathogens, mold, and oxidized so then becomes brown, but then bleached back to white * Toxic solvents and heat processes are used to extract the coconut oil both of which destroys the nutrients of the oil * If you bought coconut oil in a clear bottle, it has been penetrated by light which causes the oil to go rancid.

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