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#6 Pilates – No Muscle Left Behind Video

Our daily activities and many of our athletic activities may involve trunk extension, lateral rotation, lateral flexion and balance, but how often are we truly focusing upon using the deep internal trunk muscles: Diaphragm (and other breathing muscles), Transverse Abs (deep abdominals), Multifidi (postural back muscles), Pelvic Floor (kegels) and muscles on the back side of the body (rhomboids, mid Trapezius, triceps, teres and hamstrings) to move and support our bodies in our daily and athletic activities? Unfortunately, when we lack the strength and endurance of the deep internal muscles and muscles on the back side of the body many times results in imbalanced muscle use and therefore injury. This video is made for you to practice at home incorporating everything learned from the previous 5 videos and adds that extra challenge by decreasing floor support for the body — leaving no muscle left behind! To view and practice* with the video click here: Do to the challenge of these exercises, it is recommended that you have a strong achievement of exercises in the first 5 videos.

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