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Therapeutic External Mud Detox

Therapeutic External Mud Detox

When accumulated toxins overwhelm your body, this can effect the function  of organs, glands, nervous system, muscles, cellular health and in turn it can become a disruption to one's health.  

Toxicity can accumulate through foods, air, water, industrial productions, medications etc.  Another overlooked way toxicity can become over abundant, is anytime the body encounters a blow, trauma, surgery, etc.  As in the effected area there is the potential to cut-off (short wire) the internal communication pathway and create dead tissue.  Overtime could result in
1.  deep pockets of toxic  build up because the body's normal detoxification cant reach it to get the toxins out.
2. the derailed communication can hinder the flow of nutrients and fluids getting to specific areas of the body, further effecting physciological function

Therapeutic-Grade Clay and Moor Mud Packing* 
when applied externally can draw out deeply embedded toxins (that many times can not be extracted from ingesting cleansing products).

The ancient clays and muds have been used for many years and in many cultures, (today there are over 800 studies documented on with benefits of:  increase circulation, boosts immune system, eases muscle tension, rejuvenates cells and much more.

In addition, the deep intrisic cellular cleansing can have benefits of:

- re-open blocked meridian pathways -- restoring internal flow of cellular communication and nutrients
- wholebody toxin release – can eliminate up to 50% of the local bioaccumulation of toxic elements in as little as one application.
- quick resolution – often many aches and pains either ease or clear quickly
- drainage – lymph system rejuvenation
scar therapy – excellent for breaking down scar tissue

*The materials used a part of CoeDynamics programming are 100% Premier Quality Ingredients – “Beyond Organic” – no oxidized peat, no weak or toxic clays, no irradiated/pesticided herbs,

How the Program Works:
- mud pack materials are ordered through CoeDynamics
- a consultation appointment is setup for QRA testing*  of areas for mud application and for liver and kidney support to sufficently handle the detoxification process
- with the client, Tracy will direct in-house samples of mud pack application
- depending on the number of areas requiring mud packs, they can all be completed with Tracy in-house or a detailed instructions and diagrams are provided to the client to be able complete the process at their convenience and in the comfort of their home.  

Sessions are $125/hour, materials for mud application approximate $150 - $175 (before tax).
Questions: or call 424.903.3104 

  • *QRA Testing

    *Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) is a safe, effective kinesiology test assessment method that uses a scientifically proven testing modality called the Bi-Digital O-Ring by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, MD, ScD. This system is rapid reliable and accurate in identifying areas needing attention.

  • disclosure

    CoeDynamics   services, products or statements are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure disease. CoeDynamics services are not to replace the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

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