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Products and Services

Join a growing number of people who are improving their overall health and enjoying a more vibrant life with fitness, nutrition and whole wellness. Serving people just like you since 2003 with in-person and online support

Functional Health & Nutrition

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Tailor design health and fitness programs for prevention, address health concerns and transform your body health and mind; making a true impact on your life that looks and feels great!


Wavelengths that mimic earth’s frequency return balance and gently nudge the body to unwind stress, relieve inflammation and pain, accelerate healing, boost immune, have anti-aging effects and regenerate daily vitality


Functional lab analysis gives an inside look of past present and future health trends, empowers your knowledge of what is happening within, and used to personalize programs to achieve health goals


Supplying nutrients that are beyond organic, nutritionally rich formulas, and are 100% free of excipients, synthetics, destructive processing, so that cells can immediately uptake and utilize


Protect Your Health from EMF Radiation.Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, causing harmful bioeffects that stress our cells and affect our health and well-being. Good news: our EMF remediation solutions can help. Browse our products and start protecting your health today.


Transform your body, health, and mind. Discounted, private health nutrition and Pilates fitness plans, tailor designed to make a transforming impact on your health.

Pilates & Functional Fitness


Your sessions will encompass postural assessment, fascia release, muscle toning, one-on-one functional fitness training based upon your individual level and goals


One-on-one instruction, addressing your body’s individual goals and needs, while instilling the use of pure core Pilates principles


Sessions shared by 2 -3 individuals, a great way to stay motivated, accountable and still receive personalized attention for your fitness goals


All classes are conducted in intimate class size settings, allowing for individual attention and maintaining flow of class. All classes follow principles of breath, alignment, centering, control, and precision

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