Scalar Laser Therapy

return balance, nudge the body to unwind: stress pain and old patterns

  • 30 minutes
  • 65 US dollars
  • Location: Torrance or N. Redondo Bch indicated at booking

Service Description

Non-thermal Scalar Lasers mimic earth’s electromagnetic waves and support inducement of internal rest, at which stage the cellular level nitric oxide increases. It is at this stage where the body does its best recovery. In a short stem of 40 years the research on low level lasers benefits has mounted including: muscle: recovery, energy fascia release: chronic aching holding patterns pain relief: joint, arthritis, headache, autoimmune, dental, unexplained repair: injury, post-surgery, wounds, acute care: food poisoning, cold, allergy season, injury, stressful time relieve: gastro-intestinal, lung, lymph, thyroid stagnation shift: from stress to unwind circulation: cardiovascular, nervous system stimulate: weight loss metabolism boost: immune during cold / allergy season enhance: detoxification programs improve sleep, mood, focus increase: cell energy for repair, nutrient uptake anti-aging skin and facial rejuvenation

Contact Details

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