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Bison Bone Broth - Freeze Dried

Bison Bone Broth - Freeze Dried

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It's touted by many health experts as the almost perfect food.
- It's full of minerals, collagen, protein, vitamins, gelatin.
- The quality of bone broth is hard to evaluate from brand-to-brand as there are many ways to dilute it or use poor quality bones.  Straight Arrow Bison, starts with bones from their 100% grass-fed bison, roast them to extract more minerals, add organic apple cider vinegar, and cook at a low simmer for 72 hours.
- Nutritional tests show it contains 20+ minerals, B vitamins, collagen & protein.
- Pink Himilayan sea salt is added at the end of the cooking process.
- Because there can be a lot of variance in the "thickness" or dilution of the finished product, Straight Arrow Bison, freeze-dry it and package by weight (10 gm. / serving) so you know you are not paying for a diluted product.

Bones from grass-fed bison have been simmered for 72 hours with a little apple cider vinegar to extract minerals, collagen, geletin, and vitamins.  Freeze-dried for convenience.  

Freeze-dried bison bone broth packaged in 100 gm. bag.
10 grams per serving.
To Use
- Add 10 gm. (approx. 3 tablespoons)  to 8 - 10 oz hot water and stir. 
- Drink as a beverage for morning nourishment, in between meals, for a light meal or use as a base  
   adding to soups, vegetables, casseroles, etc. 
- The broth  is also great to cook your meats in to make your meat proteins easier for your body to digest.
- Easy to travel with, if you dont want to take the whole bag, measure out what you want to take in  a zip lock baggie.
- For GUT Re-balancing programs: have 1 - 2 cups/day either as before or as a replacement meal while rebalancing other dietary sources and adding probiotic rich foods.

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