Nourish - Cleanse - Rejuvenate

Nourish - Cleanse - Rejuvenate

   When accumulated toxins exceed your detox organs ability to process, there is a slow down, insufficient function of organ processes overtime affecting overall health that may look like symptoms such as:  
- skin eruptions  - low energy    - digestion disturbances    - accelerated aging   - poor immune system  -  chronic headaches  - chronic joint/muscle pain  - bone degeneration   - hormone imbalances     - low libido   
- exacerbated inflammation leading to all forms of dis-ease.

- weekly dietary outline (grocery list / recipes suggestions)
- nutritional support/cleansing products
- scalar laser, and external oil/mud therapy to relieve/open organ stagnation  - 90 minute recorded health seminar (w/ visual slides) educating: toxicity, body's response to toxicity, defining nourish and detoxification- 4 week 
- all supplemental nutritional products 
- 50 minute in person session with Tracy for Therapeutic External Mud Pack of Detox organs with scalar laser
- 30 minute in person with Tracy 2nd Scalar Laser session
- question/support phone call with Tracy Coe through 30 day program

Questions: or call 424.903.3104 

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