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The benefits of Pilates Reformer workouts

If you have visited our Pilates studio, you’ve probably already worked out on a reformer or at least seen this innovative machine. The Pilates Reformer is equipped with springs and leverage points that help to increase resistance and provide a challenging, intense workout. It’s an extremely versatile machine with unlimited variations, making it nearly impossible to get bored with your practice.

Pilates Reformer workouts consist of controlled, flowing movements that take you through a full range of motion. You can perform exercises from a wide range of positions, such as lying down, sitting and even standing. Reformer Pilates classes allow you to target specific muscle groups and significantly increase your strength. By alternating springs to add or decrease resistance, you can strive to boost your fitness level with each workout and progress over time.

The benefits of working out on a reformer are incredible! You will increase connective tissue strength and muscle endurance, which provides stamina for everyday activities. As with all types of Pilates classes, you will improve tone while elongating the muscles, which helps you avoid a bulky look.

In addition, Reformer Pilates workouts require proper form, which helps to increase core strength and ultimately bolsters the effectiveness of all other exercises and physical activity. You’ll also improve your spinal alignment by exercising on a reformer, which results in greater spinal stability and better posture. Since working out on a reformer requires a full range of motion, your flexibility will increase, your muscles will contract more efficiently, and your joints will be less to subject to stress.

The next time you visit our Pilates studio, try one of our Reformer Pilates workouts, either with a private session or a class. It will deepen your practice by increasing your knowledge and understanding of Pilates as a whole and boost your mat work as well.

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