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Pro-active Health Seminar – Know your body’s connection to foods…

We know that some of you were not able to attend the Proactive Health Seminar on Friday March 23 so we wanted to give you some information from it that will educate you on proactive health for you and your family.   Some great information about how your body is designed to connect with food and how food connects with your body and how the two main caveats to all health challenges and dis-ease boil down to malnutrition and toxicity.  Both of these will be touched on in our upcoming blogs.

Did you know that “Disease is not something that just happens rather it’s the result of violating our bodies design?”  Disease is an attempt by the body to preserve itself while waiting for help.  This right now might sound strange but, read further as it will begin make sense.

Our connection to nature must abide by the laws of nature.  The most basic connection of the human body is intended to be done through food. Understanding food is a key to health restoration and maintenance. “Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be they Food”. – Hippocrates

Here’s are some examples:

*Walnuts look like a brain with a left and right hemisphere: an upper cerebrum and lower cerebrum.  Walnuts even have wrinkles on the nut just like the neo-cortex.  Did you know that walnuts help develop more than 3 dozen neuron-transmitters for the brain function.

*Carrots: If you look at the center of a carrot, it looks like the human eye and carrots are good for the eye.

* Kidney beans: Shaped like a kidney and helps support kidney function.

* Onions look like the body’s cells. Research is showing that onions help the waste materials from all cells in the body.

Those are just a few facts we learned and there are so many others that really make sense when you think about it. Educating ourselves about nature, food and health choices  not only allows for better understanding of how nature connects with our bodies but shows how nutrition deficiency and toxicity causes disease and sickness.

Statistics even show that the American population illness has increased for example in 1905 <5% of American Adults were considered chronically ill.  In 2005, according to the CDC 53% of all Americans over the age of 21 are chronically ill (and this percentage has only gone up since then).

So What is happening? As mentioned above the 2 primary causes to health disorders and disease are nutritional deficiency & toxicity.  This post will speak a little about the nutritional deficiency. Causes of nutritional deficiencies *Foods being grown in poor quality soil (lack of nutrients and microbes). Dr. Charles Northern & Dr. Max Gerson in 1935, recognized that soils were lacking nutrients and was the primary cause American poor health & cancer *Industrialized farming:  Animals not being raised off of grass and instead corn, soy and other grains and 80% of Corn and soy crops in the U.S. is GMO (see below) *Fertilizer allows pants to grow physically large and beautiful, yet they are an empty harvest of nutrient poor weak and sick plants *Sugar is essential to life BUT the body only needs 2 tsp/day:  Sugar is a gut bomb –> brain fog, inactivates digestive enzymes, tooth decay, compromised immune system, worn out pancreas and adrenals *Food additives (MSG, Soy Isolates, Food Coloring, Food Flavoring, Corn Syrup…..) have a whole host of health issues connected to them anywhere from headaches to cancer to hormone disruption etc etc *Damaged/Denatured Fats any fats that are high heated, extracted using toxic chemicals deodorized, re-odorized such as canola oil and margarine health damages such as neurological disorders, allergies, vision disorders, anemia, constipation etc. *GMO foods again a slew of health disorders are already being shown with animal testing and there has not even been any long term studies go here for more detail *denaturing kitchen habits:  microwaves eating an overabundance of cooked foods heated over 212 degrees, peeling skins all of these practices kill the nutrients in your foods

What to do? *educate yourself/family *learn what is happening within out world that works against our being healthy *Learn and implement healthy life style choices (being pro-active vs. reactive) *Understand that health is a journey not a “fix-it” mentality

Tips to start your Healthy Journey get good in: think 80%/20% rules -80% raw & cultured vs. 20% cooked -80% full to 20% empty -80% alkaline foods to 20% acidic -80% vegetables to 20% carbs -80% vegetables to 20% protein drink pure water eat REAL Whole Foods eat Grass Fed meats, eggs, dairy (raw/cultured) wild caught seafood minimize or eliminate sugars and alcohol eat enzyme rich foods -raw fruits/vegtables -homemade fermented foods/beverages  (yoghurt, sauerkraut, pickles, kefir) -sprouted grains, nuts, seeds -rare/raw well aged meat, ceviche -raw/cultured dairy vs. pasteurized -vegetable juicing

As always we thank you for reading posts from Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. Wellness & Pilates Studio.  We look forward to your comments and questions.  For further information, please feel free to contact us at 310.798.7600 or

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