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Principles of Pilates classes –Flow

Over the last few months, we’ve further examined the principles of Pilates classes, and this week, we’re going to cover flow. When practicing Pilates properly, the six principles are integrated organically and seamlessly, which is why the principle of flow itself is so essential.

Reformer Pilates workouts, mat classes and all Pilates exercises for that matter, should be done in a flowing manner. Even during the most challenging workout, every motion should be performed with the grace of a dancer or gymnast, with smooth transitions between each exercise.

A workout that has flow within every movement and between each exercise connects the body parts and creates a mirror of the student’s concentration and focus. During reformer Pilates workouts and other styles of classes, think of how the energy of the movement flows through the body—it should always be even and continuous. You want to execute each motion in a way that appears almost effortless to someone watching—though we know it’s anything but.

Whenever you practice, whether at our South Bay Pilates studio or at home, strive to incorporate fluidity and grace in all of your movements. To achieve true Pilates flow, reach for length and scoop for depth, while following your breath. Strive for seamless transitions between every movement and relax deeply into each stretch.

Just like with life, Pilates flow requires the perfect blend of engagement and surrender. Maintain your targeted focus on the movement, and trust in your body’s organic need to flow within and between each exercise. This will increase your overall body awareness and control, improve your posture and maximize all the other benefits of taking Pilates classes and private sessions.

Whether you’re a beginner or immersed in an advanced practice, the classes and private sessions at our South Bay Pilates studio offer something for everyone and comprehensive benefits that improve every aspect of your mind, body and spirit.

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