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March 2013 Newsletter

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BMCD For Your Health – No Muscle Left Behind with video 6 of 6 of the BMCD series

Our daily activities and many of our athletic activities may involve trunk extension, lateral rotation, lateral flexion and balance, but how often are we truly focusing upon using the deep internal trunk muscles? These includes the Diaphragm (and other breathing muscles), Transverse Abs (deep abdominals), Multifidi (postural back muscles), Pelvic Floor (kegels) and muscles on the back side of the body (rhomboids, mid-Trapezius, triceps, teres and hamstrings), which move and support our bodies in our daily and athletic activities. Unfortunately, when we lack the strength and endurance of the deep internal muscles and muscles on the back side of the body, this often results in imbalanced muscle use, and therefore, injury. This video for at-home practice incorporates everything learned from the previous five videos and adds an extra challenge by decreasing floor support for the body—leaving no muscle left behind!

Click here to view the video.

**Due to the challenging nature of these exercises, we recommend that you do the exercises in the first five videos and feel comfortable with those workouts before trying this one. Click here to view our video archive.

BMCD 2013 News – Get 6 months of Private Pilates sessions!

Join The Pilates Referral Challenge — over the next three months (from March 6 through June 6, 2013), the client who refers the most Pilates clients to BMCD during this timeframe will receive 1 free private/week for the next 6 months! *There must be a minimum of five new paid clients *Private sessions do not roll over or extend out (a missed week cannot be made-up in a later week, nor can there be more than one session taken within a week)

For more details, contact us at 310.798.7600 or

Learn the two main causes of illness and use food to improve your health.

Do higher statistics of illness, disease and widespread flu concern you? Then come and learn the 2 Main causes of illness & How to Take Control of Your Health through food. This is your year to be in great health!

Saturday March 23 from 3:30 – 6:00 pm

Pre-registration $20; door registration $25 *Receive 1 Free Private Pilates session for each person you refer who attends this workshop

To register, call 310.798.7600 or click here and go to the Workshop tab.

Click here to check out our online schedule and stay abreast of our Pilates community!

About Us

Pilates studio in Manhattan Beach. Also serving Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and the surrounding beach cities area. Pilates classes for pregnancy, beginners, groups, and more!

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Company Address

500 S. Sepulveda Blvd.

Suite 302

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Open 7 days a week

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