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How Pilates classes improve quality of life

To improve overall health and fitness, we must get some sort of physical activity in every day. Not necessarily full workouts or Pilates classes every single day, but at least some type of movement. While a Pilates practice is widely recommended as one of your main sources of activity for reaching optimum health, research also shows that it also improves our psychological well-being and can elevate our moods. Studies performed in Germany also indicate that a regular practice, whether at a Pilates studio or at home, can boost self-confidence, improve self-perceptions of appearance, bolster functionality and improve overall satisfaction with life.

In addition to the many obvious benefits, a Pilates practice can help rehabilitate injuries, and by boosting flexibility, help to prevent future ones. When we suffer injuries that hinder our daily activities, Pilates can foster healing, improve range of motion, reduce pain and help us rebuild the confidence that an injury can diminish. Students use Pilates to help rehabilitate and heal everything from foot injuries, tendonitis and back pain to breast cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Students who do reformer Pilates workouts and/or mat classes consistently also develop a stronger mindset from all the focus and concentration required when performing the exercises. Plus, when students learn proper form and develop their core strength, they gain more energy, which in turn, produces a psychological boost of adrenaline.

When you truly commit yourself to a Pilates practice, you’ll not only reach that next level of fitness, but boost self-confidence and enjoy a better quality of life. Try it for yourself! Click here to learn more about our studio and find Pilates classes to fit your schedule.


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