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How Pilates classes benefit sports performance

If you take Pilates classes, you’re probably already aware of the wide range of benefits you can experience—but did you know that it can significantly improve your performance in other sports? Many professional athletes work out at a Pilates studio for the boost they can experience in their performance.

An essential way that taking Pilates classes can boost your performance in other sports and physical activities is by improving both your strength and flexibility. All of the different movements and positioning required helps your muscles grow more flexible over time, which helps to prevent injuries. Since Pilates is an all-body workout, all of your muscle groups will grow stronger and more flexible as well. In addition, Pilates helps to build strength without the stress of weights, so it is safer and gentler on your body.

Another fundamental way that working out at a Pilates studio can benefit other physical activities is by improving your breathing, which is vital for performance in all sports. In a Pilates practice, we learn to breathe deeper and use breath to improve focus, as well as control our body and mind. Deeper breathing improves blood flow and increases the amount of oxygen that our lungs receive. It also helps with the overall mind/body connection, which results in increased focus. When you improve these areas, your stamina will increase, thus reducing the amount of energy you need for the game you’re participating in.

One of the principles of Pilates is concentration. When we work to center our body and mind in the Pilates studio, this transcends to other areas of life. You’ll be able to stay focused better during stressful situations, such as a big game or intense activity. This will help reduce the chance of injury and improve our ability to control our mindset during times of pressure. Whether you play tennis, golf, football, hockey, basketball or take gymnastics classes, a Pilates practice will give you a distinct upper hand.

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