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Hold Your Pants Up

Pilates and Your Backside

No Muscle Left Behind

One of the important and fun techniques of a Pilates teacher is to guide clients to find muscles “they didn’t even know they had” (per the clients). In the current western culture with lots of sitting and mechanical assistive devices, there certainly are a lot of muscle uses left behind (more detail in “keeping it in the rear”). A vast majority of these “left behind” muscles are in the backside (see picture below).

Hold Your Pants Up

A very effective approach to getting clients to work these left behind muscles is through visualization. For example, a visual cue during leg and standing exercises is to "pull/hold your pants up." This visual typically triggers the engagement of deep adductors (aka inner thighs), hamstrings, gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus (aka the butt), and simultaneously stimulates core muscle contractions. Not only does these muscles give more power and stabilization, but these muscles gain definition and look good, too! During Pilates privates and group sessions with CoeDynamics in the Redondo Beach studio or online, be assured there will be standing exercises intertwined into your Pilates program, such as…

Mat Work: Standing Footwork Reformer: Front Splits Chair: Step Ups

Cadillac: Standing Arm Springs Pilates with TRX – Forward Planks

The standing work is incorporated to strengthen backside muscles that should be used in daily activities like climbing stairs and exercises like jogging. Although visualizations at times, sound silly, the mission gets accomplished! The visualizations during the sessions help clients contract muscles, correct alignment and make for easy reminders to use throughout daily activities.

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Tracy Coe, CPT-PMA, C-QRA Functional Health & Nutrition Practitioner CoeDynamics


Since 2002, Tracy Coe has been guiding people from all walks of life to look and feel GREAT, through her education and practice as a PMA- certified Pilates Teacher and as a certified-QRA Functional Health and Nutrition Practitioner. Tracy applies her continuous education and 21 years of clientele practice to support the individual, family and community. Tracy’s practice offers education and guidance in fitness programming, a nutrient dense diet, safe cleansing, toxicity prevention and creating energetic harmony of your surrounding environments. In effect, allowing the body and mind to restore balance for health prevention, physical transformation, addressing specific short / long term health issues and offer vibrant living.

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