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Do men take Pilates classes?

You’ve probably learned by now that the benefits of Pilates classes are wide-ranging—you develop greater core strength, increase flexibility, improve posture and relieve stress. It’s also well-known that Pilates benefits students of all ages and fitness levels. However, what many don’t know is that it benefits men just as much as it does women!

Let’s remember that Pilates was founded by a man, Joseph Pilates. Over many decades, Pilates classes have served to train and rehabilitate both male and female athletes, from runners, boxers and surfers to dancers and swimmers, among many others. Everyone can benefit from incorporating a Pilates practice into their lifestyle.

Whether the workout takes place in the form of reformer Pilates workouts or mat classes, the integrative component is very beneficial to men. It offers them the flexibility training they often miss at the gym, coupled with the a flowing movement that counters the typical part-by-part weightlifting approach with core training.

Men who work out at a Pilates studio use the core strength they develop to lift weights and perform other physical activities and sports with more confidence. Once you know how to properly engage the core, you reduce the risk of injury when lifting heavy weights. Learning how to stabilize the trunk protects our spine, which can be easily injured with resistance training.

Both reformer Pilates workouts and mat workouts provide a stellar whole body workout, which serves as an excellent foundation for cross training. In addition, it helps to improve flexibility and control, while building the strength and balance necessary to perform day to day tasks efficiently and without injury.

At our Pilates studio, we’ve witnessed that controlled, well-aligned movement also leads to better balance and overall focus. The mind/body connection that is needed to practice Pilates correctly transcends to daily life, from work and other exercise to family life and play.

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