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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Give Me a D!

My favorite time of the year is FALL.

No matter what coast I’m on or if I'm somewhere in the middle, there is just something about that Fall air that makes me smile. Fall colors, cider, butternut squash soup, pumpkin pie and lattes, exercising in the fall air, shift of the daily pace...I’m sure you can add some yourself!

Along with the Fall season comes a shift in the sun and sun rays. A reduction in sun rays usually comes with reduced Vitamin D levels, which partially adds to the shift into cold and flu season. Along with the continuance of the COVID virus, the other seasonal ailments still exist; colds, flu, pneumonia and so forth.

In an excellent medical publication details specific cellular immune support by specific nutrients…

“...with the strongest evidence for immune support are vitamins C and D and zinc. Immune support by micronutrients is historically based on vitamin C deficiency and supplementation in scurvy in early times. It has since been established that the complex, integrated immune system needs multiple specific micronutrients, including vitamins A, D, C, E, B6, and B12, folate, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium, which play vital, often synergistic roles at every stage of the immune response”.

Premiers Multi-Nutrient that can provide a basis for these integral vitamins and minerals (access personal nutrition account link and use search to view details).

Premier Research Labs (PRL) was founded to deliver uncompromising quality and effectiveness by providing 100% non-toxic and effective products. PRL is an industry first creating nutritional products based on quantum cellular resonance technology (meaning the body actually absorbs and utilizes the nutrients). Learn and create your personal account by clicking here.

GIVE ME A D! There has been additional research through the COVID-19 Pandemic that continuously supports that having optimal levels of Vitamin D 40–80 ng/ml (100 – 150 nmol/L) provides a level of prevention as well as significantly decreased the severity of symptoms for those who had contracted covid (see references links below). Before dousing additional Vitamin D, it’s important to know where you currently stand. Knowing and understanding your lab work gives an empowered understanding of what is happening within. As a part of CoeDynamics Functional Health Services, comprehensive and single marker blood, saliva and urine panels can be ordered and quickly completed to assess your individual needs and many times at the 1/3 of the cost and time of a doctor’s appointment (this should not be in substitute of appointments with your personal physician, but a complimentary resource for preventative health care).

Shifting with Nature Shift with natures’ seasons and don’t let this season of ailments sneak up on you!

- down shift activity and increase your rest time - as the sun shifts, less daylight hours exist, adjust your sleep schedule even if by 15 minutes - eat seasonally - your body requires different nutrients for different times - digestion starts to slow down significantly by 2pm…. eat lighter and earlier dinners - increase immune specific nutrient intake, A, D, C, Zinc


Tracy Coe, CPT-PMA, C-QRA Functional Health & Nutrition Practitioner CoeDynamics


Tracy Coe is a certified QRA functional health and nutrition practitioner who’s passion is to support the community in educating and providing professional documented and researched options of whole foods, cleansing, and toxicity prevention to support short/long term health and and vitality for the individual and family. For more information email or call 424.903.3104


Health statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The health information and products on this site is for education purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. It is solely informational in nature Tracy Coe and CoeDynamics assumes no responsibility in treatment or cure of any disease or illness. The information provided verbally, written, electronically is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician. Please consult your health care practitioner before engaging in any treatments or nutritional product mentioned or suggested in these messages.

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